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Home Dialysis

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When kidneys fail and the decision is made to start dialysis there are many questions to be answered:

–    Where and how should I do my dialysis?
–    How will my lifestyle be affected?
–    Will I be able to cope in a life with dialysis?
–    How can I stay healthy and travel on dialysis?

If the most suitable option of dialysis is chosen, the impact of dialysis will be less. If the dialysis program started is supported by health professionals, the outcomes will be better.

Peritoneal dialysis is always done in your home. However, haemodialysis can be done either by you in your home, or by travelling regularly to a dialysis centre. If you are already on centre based haemodialysis you can change to home dialysis and it is important to find out which type of home dialysis will suit you best, home peritoneal or home haemodialysis.


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